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A lot of such practical questions come from friends, family, clients, and aspiring coaches whom we mentor. I guided some, some made great progress.

One of them called…

"If you are a coach, what are your reasons?:"

#Purpose. #Calling.

When I was coached by a professional ICF coach, I knew this is what my life purpose was. My calling. I did not jump into it. I took one year to research, get more experience as a client, get trained/certified and ICF credentialed.

Is it the mind, or the “Consciousness”?


Have you experienced the proverbial ‘stretch’?

Did you move forward thereafter?

The Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) is about moving, and forward… not going back or staying there.

Assuming you want to get back on track and move ahead… What would help you to get back on track, and make the journey holistic?

#IQ2EQ2SQ #I2We2He

My mind was ‘stretched’ in June 1988. The journey has been a roller-coaster for me, spiritually.

I wonder, is it the “mind” or Consciousness? The divine consciousness in each one of us? Or, Hi C (higher consciousness) for some of us, or any variant thereof (incl God, Guru, Master)

Master says, every being, knowingly or unknowingly, is on a spiritual pilgrimage

What would help me to remain focussed on the goal, and move forward, with ease, joy, and glory?

Reflections of a proud amateur

The inner game of Cricket

I captioned the image, “The Inner Game of Cricket”. Wondering if “The Future of Cricket” is more apt? I am concerned about the future of cricket!

As an amateur, I am detached-attached (it is not an oxymoron) from the game. I follow cricket not just for the game, but all…

Not in some resorts away from the extended families

शुभं करोति कल्याणमारोग्यं धनसंपदम् ।

शत्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तुते ॥

Shubham Karoti Kalyaannam-Aarogyam Dhana-Sampadaa |

Shatru-Buddhi-Vinaashaaya Diipa-Jyotir-Namostute ||

Meaning: Salutations to the Light, which brings auspiciousness, health, prosperity, and which destroys that inimical feelings; Salutations to such (inner) light.

We don’t get to celebrate festivals at home because people burst 💥 crackers…

The Hero’s Journey

#Chandra, during his school days, was more interested in extra-curricular activities. He was not a natural athlete, but enjoyed playing all games. Occasional brilliance, luck/Divine Grace, etc., allowed him to play for his alma maters, from the school to University levels. He did not have the luxury (or talent) to…

My reflections are based on the author’s interviews (not read the book yet!)

How her early childhood would shape her character. Joint family, an out-of-the-world grandfather (all grandparents are loving, her grandpa was different, more than a pampering grandparent?).

Public speaking contests with #cadbury chocolates 🍫 being the tastiest ever (because she earned it)

She got the right support at home, right throughout…

After 18 years’ failure — Regalunlimited

I share a lot of gyaan on #parenting as a lot of leaders/clients are struggling with parenting, relationships, careers, health, and life.

This video is not about parenting, but about growing up (could not think of the antonym for parenting!)

Inspiring video on the life of #MahatriaRa:

- You may…

Happy Onam — Malayalam films — Hobbies — Careers — Coaching

A brilliant tribute to the work of one of the best directors in the Indian film industry. Today Malayalam films are considered one of the best in India. Thanks to OTT exposure, since the pandemic! …

Subash CV

Leadership Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Healer. Former Banker. Dog lover. Aspiring author. Used to be an aspiring singer.

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