A relative move on

One regular item on my calendar for Sundays is my music classes. I typically get into the musical zone every Sunday morning when I am revising the lessons for the evening class (last minute preparations is a bad habit I am working on overcoming!). Apart from the lessons taught, some other songs come up and remain throughout the day. Yesterday, it was a bhajan.

‘Amrutha Sai Rama, Anantha Sai Prema…’

In the evening got the news about the death of a dear relative. Her name was Amrutha, mom’s younger sister.

We are all recovering from the deaths of one of our senior relatives, and also her younger brother in recent weeks. This was a hat trick we were not prepared for. What was common — three were most loved relatives and were not well with health issues, two of them with major complications. When such noble souls suffer, a question that is often asked is,

‘why do good and noble, who have been very devoted and religious, suffer so much?’

A dangerous space to go into. For we have no view of the soul’s journey. Being religious, and spiritual means surrendering to the process too. Not easy.

When the news of her illness and deteriorating condition came in, we increased the intensity of our prayers. Our collective prayers for the loving soul would have definitely helped her to handle the pains.

Amrutha aunty has always came across as a loving, smiling person. Whether as kids when we stop for a day at Madras on our way home from Secunderabad, or later in life. She was one of the most patient people I have ever seen in my life. Hence this rare tribute…

Your legacy is measured the most by the character of your children. Parenting is the most important role we play in our lives. Her two kids took great care of her, that is aunty’s legacy. As kids, they would have been doing their ‘duty’. But the love and patience they consistently demonstrated is a sign of their character. That is the real proof of great parenting. That is aunty’s beautiful legacy too.

Same with the cousin who nurtured his mom for 5 long years, not missing a single day. He did not travel out of the town on any day for 5 years, always back home in the evening. Frail and failing health, in her 90s, it was not easy. A retired medical nursing superintendent, a deeply spiritual person, she was one of the most popular, not only among the larger family but beyond, in the community… And she was lucky to receive her only child’s loving care...

We hear stories of great worldly accomplishments in different areas of life. But these beautiful stories are rarely told. Hence this tribute!

What makes the soul choose a tough life, and remain loving throughout life?



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