Apple, Credit card, Tie up

Karma of customer service

A friend went to the Apple store today to buy a Macbook. A big decision for him, considering the current times.

  • He wanted to avail the cashback and EMI available on his credit, an exclusive tie-up Apple has with his bank.
  • When he swiped the card, it was declined. He tried again, did not work.
  • The salesman said, “maybe no limit”. The customer was offended!
  • He opened his laptop, checked his limits, and showed it to the salesman (his prestige was at stake, after all). There was ‘limit’ available for multiple laptops.
  • He tried to re-set the pin and tried again. No luck.
  • Now the salesman colleague, another salesman (these salesmen can be quite a pain, but not at apple stores) said why don’t you call the bank. The customer politely called the bank. The expression on his face said it all. He tried multiple times and tried various options. He could not go beyond the IVR. Frustration, anger, resignation, let down… were the different expressions on his face. He was at apple. So he kept his cool, at least externally. He was fuming inside, I knew
  • He tried Whatsapp. No luck!
  • He tried to chat online. It is one of the worst options to explore. Hit a wall there too.
  • Finally, he made full payment from his account.

No cash back as promised. No EMI as promised.

  • After all the central bank had stopped permission to the bank to issue new cards. No wonder! They seem to have learned nothing yet. Customer service is at the lowest.
  • Who is to blame? The bank? Apple? or both? For my friend, it was both. Why @Apple is tying up with a bank with offers when they can not service it?

Frank McNamara, one of the founders of Diners Club: The legend has it that the idea of a credit card was born when McNamara forgot his wallet when he looked for it after dinner at a restaurant with his guest.

Now with all the service issues, the concept has come a full circle.



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