Back to Yoga – immunity & beyond

Virtual sessions, new learnings, new perspectives

I would now add yoga to this list.

If we have not learned and practiced pure yoga, so that it impacts positively at all the 5 (Pancha) Kosas, we have not lived a full life. We owe it to ourselves, at mind-body-spirit levels. Running, sports, mountaineering, to iron-man, all are great, not comparing. There is a spiritual experience in all of these. You should still try Yoga, just as you should try swimming & cycling.

COVID, Lockdown

Then COVID happened, and lockdown. After 3.5 years, we took a break from the classes. I was oriented towards classroom sessions, as a student and also as a mentor/trainer. Thanks to my ‘student’ coaches, we quickly migrated our classroom to online/live sessions.

  • Ida & Pingala: A few days ago, I came across this video by Sadhguru on ida & pingala. So when I was asked to focus on my breathing, two separate lights entering both nostrils, one blue & red, and ida-pingala… I knew this is the holistic yoga I wanted.
  • Some of the easier asanas, which have gone into unconscious competence, were corrected too. For example the bow & arrow pose, I was not putting the weight on the front leg.
  • These small adjustments have helped me improve my yoga practice, and ‘bend my body’ :)
  • What do you do as part of your #deepwork?
  • What are you doing to strengthen your immunity?

Stay safe. Stay blessed.



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