Developing Leaders at Healthcare

Learning & Development: How the healthcare industry is ensuring continuous training of employees @ETHRWorld

The situation, still evolving…:

  1. The majority of healthcare companies have moved from traditional webinar-based training to creating tailor-made training content.

2. Organisations have rolled out exclusive hyper-personalized learning programs for doctors, nurses, and tech teams.

3. Apart from excelling in day-to-day jobs, learning programs are devised to build future leaders — CXOs.

4. Industry experts opine to ensure constant motivation among employees since the “young generation now gets bored very quickly”.

Solutions/Opportunities to the above:

1. Professional coaching, trained/certified/ICF credentialed coaches

2. Team coaching, apart from 1–1 professional coaching

3. Coaching is the future of leadership

4. Engagement can happen only when there is the alignment of individual purpose to organization vision, mostly it is about communication. #coaching is the magic pill for all these.

We, at #RegalUnlimited, offer the best in all of the above. Professional executive/leadership coaching, coach training/mentoring/certifications, ICF approved ACSTH programs, team coaching, and counseling/healing, customized also for #healthcare professionals.



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