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Dear Leader, Aspiring coach,

If you are an aspiring coach, or a coach without an ICF credential, this mail is for you. A program for corporate leaders, business owners, self-employed professionals or an un-credentialed ‘coaches’.

We started a new batch on Aug 17. This is your last chance to join this wonderful batch. Lateral entry later will not really help you.

If you are not trained, Regal-certified, ICF-credentialed, experienced and part of a community as ours, then you may not be serving the client to the fullest.

Why Aug 17?: The auspicious date was specifically chosen to start a new batch for the ICF approved Coach training & certification. We are not superstitious, but take into account basic elements like the stars and the time!

Why Monday? We specifically chose Monday, once a week, 6 PM to 9 PM to make it a ‘Hero’s Journey’ (Joseph Campbell) for you.

Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching mindset is not with all of us. We got to be ready for the shift.

#Learn2Coach the #iCfway with Regal Unlimited.

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Originally published at https://www.regalunlimited.com on August 20, 2020.



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Subash CV

Leadership Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Healer. Former Banker. Dog lover. Aspiring author. Used to be an aspiring singer.