Job to Entrepreneur — marketing basics

  • A good coach need not be successful in managing the business of coaching. For becoming and being a coach are very different from becoming and being an entrepreneur? (same with an entrepreneur, CPA/CA, artist)

4Ps of marketing:

Product: You got to be a good coach, not a great coach. This business works primarily on word-of-mouth. To be a good coach, the starting point is to be a trained, certified, ICF credentialed and, experienced, coach. And that is just the beginning. Coaching is a life-long journey in learning, like peeling the proverbial onion. There is a saying in the South of India. ‘A pitcher filled with water to the brim will not spill’. That is being a coach. Only then can one coach from a state of Being. It is a marathon. Hence, no short-cuts here.

  • Facebook Page: Create an FB page exclusively for the purpose of the business. Don’t confuse LI with FB, FB page with FB. It is integral to managing the personal brand online.
  • Twitter: It may be a good idea to go on twitter. Some of us (esp Gemini's) maintain two Twitter accounts, one personal and another in for business.
  • Blogging: All good websites will have their own blogging options. Just as blog-posts on LinkedIn, blogging on the website is very important to build the personal brand, integrate, reflect as a coach, and connect. Write original stuff. Use some keywords relevant to the business, segment, and your own area of interest. It helps to build your search engine optimization (SEO).



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Subash CV

Subash CV


Leadership Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Healer. Former Banker. Dog lover. Aspiring author. Used to be an aspiring singer.