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Life coaches pivot to divorce —

Relationship Coaching instead?

Every relationship, we attract. There is a reason why we meet some people. All to learn & grow. At a deeper level.

Just as prevention is better than cure in health and wellness, some preventive measures are better in relationships.

Exit is not always the best solution. Legal experts to cowboys to manage exits?

Every divorce in a relationship means divorce with self first. That is the least empowering move.

One of the common topics in professional coaching, executive, leadership, life, business, or any other variant of coaching, is #relationship. All relationships are certain key common factors. They are built on trust and love. All great relationships are built on unconditional love, professional and personal.

Everything is personal.

The relationship between a professional coach and the client also depends on nurturing the relationship.

Separation is painful for the individuals involved. It is more painful for others. For example, kids, parents, siblings in a divorce.

Marriage is not the relationship between two individuals but two families. In certain cases beyond. Two individuals can separate but can others also step back with equal ease?

Just as falling in love between individuals instead of rising in love… a lot of relations, personal and professional, happen without any thoughts & commitment. It may not sound romantic.

All relationships, including romantic ones, are built on trust and love.

Consider prevention before separation. You owe it to yourself.

A marriage therapist said, if every couple goes through our counseling before they go to court, 95% of divorces can be prevented. Yes, not 100%.

Let us not romanticize separation !

“From divorce retreats featuring legal advice with a side of yoga to a self-styled “divorce cowboy” offering to coach men based in a paddock with horses, welcome to separation in 2022. — The spike in divorce applications since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned an industry of coaches helping both men and women navigate the tricky emotional terrain of separation.”

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