Parenting the coaching way!

Amit ji has been a great and balanced cheerleader* for Abhishek Bachchan. Maintaining the fine balance*….
- A lot of parents over-promote their kids and put a lot of direct and indirect pressure on kids. Some parents under-promote, to the detriment of the children and their potential. Striking a balance is tough.
- It gets complicated when your parent is a celebrity, #AmitabhBachchan, Sachin Tendulkar #Sunil Gavaskar, and all respectful Pandit Ji’s, with their not-so-successful kids.
- It is tough not just for the child but also for the parent. ‘Performance pressure’ in various forms, as we say in coaching :)

Ultimately what matters is not a mere professional success, as an actor, player, or artist. But the relationship* between parent and child. Not as in “parent” & “child” ego states (T A), but as loving and respectful adults*. That I see with all these celebrities. That is the best gift for both parents and kids.

Why parenting is the most important part of your legacy!

And a *coaching approach to parenting is the best method — as a coach, you are a cheerleader, creating a safe space, in communion, asking powerful questions, challenging, listening…. and Present, at all levels.

What is your parenting ishtyle?



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