The spirit of Onam

The Legacy of Mahabali — Leadership

It is Onam season. It is a 10-day long celebration. A festival celebrated by one and all in Kerala and all Keralites elsewhere. It is a festival beyond all man-made limitations. A friend said,

‘even communists celebrate Onam’!

Atham- August 30, 2022: ‘Atham is the first day of festivities in the ten-day-long Onam carnival and marks the preparation for the day Mahabali returns to his kingdom. As each day of Onam passes, people continue to build layers of Pookalam (made of yellow petals), beginning with the base layer known as Athapoo.’ (HT)

All festivals were meant to be such celebrations. All festivals were spiritual, beyond narrow restrictions. We need that more now…

A society that is worthy of Mahabali’s visit.

PS: ‘The number of Onam sadhya consumed is a mark of maturity’ (a popular saying in Kerala) and wisdom. The opposite is true as age does not guarantee experience and depth of Being! Look around at the smart millennials for proof. Training, certificates, and accomplishments are also no proof of mastery, it is only the beginning.

At best, the clarity of how much more to learn…, and grow.

All festivals are also an opportunity to learn and grow, spiritually!



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Subash CV

Leadership Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Healer. Former Banker. Dog lover. Aspiring author. Used to be an aspiring singer.