Trusted Relationships — Professional, Personal.

Happy International Men’s Day and Women Entrepreneur’s Day!

#DYK India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world — only 1.1%. The numbers have doubled in the past 20 years. A lot more youngsters are calling it quits too soon.

Indian/Asian family system has been one of the core strengths of our society. Is that changing? For better or worse? That is our strength; we got to find ways to restore it holistically, more than “beneficial” to all parties. More so for pets, parents, and kids.

Marriage was always between families, not just individuals.

A therapist had once shared, ‘if every couple had a counseling session before they chose to separate, 99% divorce could be avoided.’ What prevents the couple from seeking help? The help can be counseling, healing, mentoring, or coaching.

An aspiring coach told me he wants to work with a couple who are getting married. He felt there was a strong need for help before people got married.

Prevention is always better than cure!

What would it take to restore T & C (trust and care, beyond mere contractual terms & conditions) to the relationships?

As we race to a $ 5T economy, every percentage point matters. Trust can be a significant factor. Every business relationship, small or big. A new, higher level of trust beyond jugaad or even legality. Absolutely ethical.

How can such trust be developed in business? It depends on leadership. Prof Sucher lists the following factors:

Can trust be redeemed? The author feels yes by acknowledging mistakes, figuring out missteps, and fixing them.

#Trust is at the core of all relationships, personal and professional. In the corporate, business, not-for-profit, academics, and everywhere. Often we take it for granted. Reason? The misplaced sense of power and position. Not just at work but at home and in the community too. It is a different story regarding close personal relations at home and outside with friends and relatives.

In professional coaching, trust is one of the eight ICF core coaching competencies. The relationship between the coachee and the coach is very sacred. It rests on the strong foundation of trust and ethics of the practice.

Check out the links below, courtesy @TheEconomicTimes #ETPrime

Reshmi Ray Dasgupta ( I read in physical paper)

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