Why everyone needs a Coach

A professional executive coach

Subash CV
2 min readSep 23, 2022


Every successful professional has a coach. A coach can be a key differentiator in deciding the success of a leader. A professional executive coach.

‘It takes an entire village to take to educate a child.’ African Proverb.

It takes an entire ecosystem to help a leader succeed. It could be a leader in the corporate, a business owner, a captain of a sports team, the head of a not-for-profit, or even a politician. We see their success, but not their efforts and contribution “by” the ecosystem. Luck favors the hardworking.
In all these, having a professional coach can make the journey holistic, deep, and personal.
— It is a journey, not a sprint.
— Often, successful leaders would have ignored other important elements of their life — health, finance, and relationships. Executive Coaching allows them to make the journey holistic.
— All transformational shifts are deep. It is not a shallow shift in awareness but a deeper shift.
— All one-to-one coaching is personal. The goals, deep exploration, and awareness/actions are personal to the client. One size fits all is not the approach in coaching.

Executive Coaching is also about maximizing personal and professional potential. Performance is a collateral benefit, not the primary objective.

Just as a teacher manifests when the student is ready, the coaching process (as the consciousness, not a person) manifests when the client is ready.
Start your journey to your full potential with a professional coach today!

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