World №1 Barty retires

What is the right retirement age as a corporate leader/professional/business owner?

  • ‘I am spent’: World tennis number one Barty goes out on top Reuters Breakingviews
  • World №1 Ash Barty, 25, announces retirement from tennis — ‘I’m so happy and I’m so ready’ @ESPN
  • World №1, three-time Grand Slam winner Ashleigh Barty announces retirement @WTA

Barty won 15 WTA singles titles and 12 in doubles. She spent 121 weeks as world number 1, including the last 114 weeks in a row. Barty had won 25 of her last 26 matches and three of her previous four events. She had left the game before.

“With her accomplishments at the Grand Slams, WTA Finals, and reaching the pinnacle ranking of №1 in the world, she has established herself as one the great champions of the WTA” — WTA chief Steve Simon.

Is a midlife crisis really “midlife”? Over 50 and seeking work? — In an article that appeared on Linkedin, we felt,’ many people are facing midlife crisis well before mid-life!’

What prompted her to quit so early? Barty was the Wimbledon junior champion in 2011 but left the game in 2014 for nearly two years, complaining of # burnout.

Are they peaking too early? Does it help to handle stress a little better if you are older? Or if success comes a bit late in life? Would they have the courage to quit later in life?

Many successful professionals from sport to art and cinema have complained about stress and burnout. Business is no different.

It takes a village to educate a child. It takes more than a village to keep a champion ‘playing.’ And as Master says,

Life is a game, play it!

Is it easy to play on? What would it take to manage stress and move towards our full potential? What is the champion’s responsibility towards the sport, family, society, and herself? What would be her legacy?

Barty has chosen what is best for her. Even though that may not be the best for the rest of the ecosystem. She deserves all the support.

It is all about the inner game, tennis, cricket, or life. S1 & S2.

What is the right retirement age? For a corporate leader, business owner, or professional. Politicians don’t retire! Most of them are not political leaders. I wanted to retire at 50. But I am busiest now-a choice I made. Busyness is not a measure of success, I am aware. It is not suitable for business either (Why busyness isn’t good for business @Forbes ). My parent’s generation had a specific post-retirement life. Do we have the luxury? What choices do we want to make?

In all these, where do Vanaprastha and Sanyasa figure? What is the choice that is in my highest good?

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